Reading a tasting profile

The wine tasting diagram complements analyses referring to a batch of wine on the website. The diagram allows you to quickly and accurately visualize the flavour profile of the wine described.

The pentagram is based on criteria scored between 1 and 5 by the seller submitting the batch. The score, and therefore the intensity of a given characteristic, increases from the centre of the diagram (i.e. from 0 to 5 in the centre to the end of the ridge).

The criteria are:

A further criterion is featured: aromatic notes. This characteristic is used to find the dominant wine flavour and intensity. The predominant flavours match the classification of oenologist Pfister-Guyot.

Further reading: ‘Le goût du vin’ by Emile Peynaud, Editions Dunod (1983) - Guide pratique de la dégustation by Maurice Chassin, Editions Dunod (2011)